Developer description

Typewise innovates the way how people type on their smartphones.
We are an award-winning keyboard app, which was downloaded by 500,000+ users and rated 4.2 on App Store and 4.5 on Google Play.
Typewise was started in Switzerland with the vision to enable a digital world that genuinely respects user privacy. Our mission is to build the most secure and intelligent human-machine interface by developing text prediction technology using artificial intelligence (AI) that is private-by-design.
The widely used QWERTY layout was invented in the 19th century. It is not meant for typing on smartphones. We developed a unique honeycomb keyboard layout with 70% larger keys that are easy to hit. Together with own autocorrection algorithms, it helps you to make 4 times fewer typos. Intuitive gestures make you more productive. Just swipe up to capitalize a letter, swipe left to delete, and swipe right to restore. Unlike most keyboard apps we promise 100% privacy: we do not require any suspicious permissions and do not have access to your personal data. The algorithm learns only from the data typed on your device which also permits it to personalize word suggestions.
You can choose between the traditional and honeycomb layout as well as adjusting the keyboard the way you want. Apply one of the colorful themes, change font size, adjust vibration intensity, etc. We support over 40 languages and are constantly developing.
Download Typewise for free now on Google Play or App Store and become part of next-generation typers.

Last updated 17 Dec 2020

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