Developer description

Uberchord, the new app for guitar heads!

Uberchord is building the next generation of learning software for musical instruments, starting with a personal guitar teacher on your smartphone. Our team has developed the world’s most advanced audio recognition technology that listens to you play guitar, provides instant feedback and adapts to personal progress. This allows for a radically new and unique learning concept, one that teaches both technique and music theory in a playful and approachable way. Our vision is to create Duolingo for music.

As much as we were fascinated with the possibilities of mobile learning technology, we were frustrated with existing solutions to help us improve our musical skills. We’re seeing the shift in education through technology around us and want to take part in this revolution. Our strongest motivation is to build something that helps people master guitar, but ultimately an app that we ourselves can't wait to use each day.

Uberchord is unique in three core areas: technology, personalization and teaching methodology. Our new technology uses the smartphone’s built-in microphone to analyze what the user plays on the guitar, which in turn allows us to adapt to the user’s experience level in real-time. More specifically, our technology is able to recognize any chord you play on your guitar in real-time, even evil Jazz chords that you don't know about. We have also developed a new music learning concept to teach users musical understanding through fun and practical lessons. This will replace existing learning methods that merely teach music through note repetition. Both the technology and teaching concept are currently being patented.

Last updated 6 Dec 2014