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Uberflip makes content perform by centralizing it into one immersive experience, increasing key ... More

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Published 19 Feb 2014

If you are trying to market and promote a brand or a product (or yourself, if it comes to that) then, the chances are, you will have social media pages, blogs, videos, eBooks and more - all working for you. The main problem here though, is that these individual advertising areas are spread all over the Internet. You run the risk of your viewers getting distracted by other content when you send them to places like YouTube to view your content. Uberflip is a marketing and publishing application that centralizes all your content into one all-encompassing Hub to keep your customers and viewers fully engaged on what you want them to see.
Uberflip makes your content work for you by centralizing all of it into one simple immersive experience. This increases the key engagement metrics of visitors, generates more leads and keeps customers on site rather than having them distracted by sending them away from your brand. Uberflip helps you create a responsive home for your content in minutes and looks great on any device. When you pull together the easy to navigate and very convenient content Hub, you can include blog articles, social media, videos, eBooks and more into the beautiful and responsive interface. Then you can strategically place dynamic, 'call to action' (or CTA) forms around the Hub to generate new leads. The app pulls together your Facebook, Twitter and other social media content, blogs, videos and photos and turns dull PDFs into beautiful flipbooks that look like...