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Published 19 Feb 2014

[cont'd] glossy magazines. Filter your content marketing efforts by topic and target verticals, persona or anything else that you want to and create a meaningful experience for each visitor. Easily collect email addresses and integrate with Mailchimp, HubSpot and more. Upload your logo and choose colors & fonts to match your brand. Hubs are designed for visitors to consume more than one piece of content. They are also designed to automatically track and report on a variety of useful metrics such as uniques, pageviews, avg. time/visit and more.
Uberflip features a marvelous set of tools that exposes your audience to more of your content with everything available to your visitors and potential customers - all in the one place. This means your viewers won't be distracted by content on other social media networks and lets you feature content that is the most important to you. Having all of your media under one roof gives you a better understanding of the ROI of your content marketing efforts and moves you closer to reaching your business goals. It gives you a much better insight into which channels work best for you. Uberflip is a fully customizable business marketing application where you can keep your visitors engaged and focused on one thing - the product you are selling.