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With Ubilocal, you can create and operate a customized store locator, with all your locations ... More

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Published 27 Jul 2012

Ubilocal is a geolocalisation store locator application for the business with several different outlets. It provides the tools to create and customize all your store locations displayed on an interactive map and can easily be part of an advertising campaign either through its own website, integrated into yours or someone else's site, within an online shop or even via your Facebook profile as an iFrame. It's primarily a service for your customers but can also be yet another part of an overall campaign to grab a little more attention for your brand and add to your increased online visibility encouraging new and continued customer satisfaction.
With Ubilocal, you can create and operate a customized local store locator with all your locations displayed on an interactive Google map. Ubilocal is a business tool for small to large companies that can be adapted for almost any use and, with a few clicks,  you can change the design and content of your store locator. No programming skills are required and the structure of Ubilocal means that it’s suitable for a variety of uses including integration in location-based advertising. The key benefits are mostly as a service to  customers but,  with its map-based searchability, Ubilocal makes it simple for your customers to locate all the stores in your group. This could lead to higher custom because of your increased online store visibility. The user friendly interface also provides other information like opening hours and accepted payment methods to  increase efficiency.
At the moment, Ubilocal has a free trial period so it's easy to test it out for yourselves before committing. The obvious benefits are the time and cost savings as the app provides one place to maintain data about all your stores and you can create your store locator in minutes. You're information is always up to date for all your stores and, with its map-based search, Ubilocal offers rapid orientation in a fun way to keep your customers happy and involved. This fully customizable set of business tools is designed by you and run by Ubilocal's technology and could be one more piece to add to your overall customer service commitment.

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