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UBMe is Social Network for Your Local Community that allows you to check-in and join live chats wherever you are. Works at college campuses, bars, concerts, ballgames, and 100+ million other locations. With UBMe, you can also discover local nightlife, campus events, concerts, sporting events and post pictures and videos locally to share and explore the world around you.

UBMe enriches the student experience on campus by providing a local networking platform that students can use to connect with each other, stay informed of campus activities, and engage in local community events. Students can use UBMe to check-in to wherever they are at on campus and communicate with others in a live group chat. This feature could be used:

-at a conference or research symposium to network and share ideas
-in the library to start a study group
-in a dorm building to organize pickup basketball game
-to promote campus resources, sporting events, philanthropy events
-to figure out where’s the current trending “place to be” on campus

… The list goes on.

While it’s great to use social media stay connected with people who are across the globe, those aren’t the people you can actually experience life with. Life is about real moments with real people. UBMe allows you to meet new and interesting people who are right around the block that you might otherwise have never met. Share personalized pictures and videos through UBMe to show some of your favorite things to do in the area. What better way to start new friendships and partnerships than to introduce those nearby to your interests and hobbies. UBMe sparks real connections, not just virtual ones.

UBMe provides seamless integration between your business and customers nearby. Now more than ever customers are using location based services on their mobile devices to sift through overwhelming media content and find relevant information. UBMe will always give your business a greater reach. When you post on other social sites, many of your followers are not located in your local area, and although you may have 1000+ followers, unless users are in your immediate area, they won’t turn into actual customers. UBMe is a local network, which means posts and promotions are seen by all users in your local area, not just by your social media followers. UBMe is great for businesses to use internally as well. Bigger businesses can create private, secure live chats for quick communication amongst employees.

Last updated 17 Nov 2017

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