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Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge goes digital!

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Published 29 Apr 2017

[cont'd] everyone gets a new puzzle panel. A roll of the die determines which polyominos you must use to perfectly fill in the empty spaces on your puzzle panel. Any player who completes the puzzle within the time limit will call out “Ubongo!” and grab a gem at random from the bag. The fastest player will also get a blue gem and the second fastest will receive an amber gem with each gem color being worth a different amount of points. After nine rounds, the player with the most valuable gem collection wins.

The app features three different single-player modes. One where you can race against other players online and another where you can play against friends and Ubongo fans from all over the world. It contains the original shapes from the board game as well as a whole bunch of additional new shapes and features more than 6,000 random levels with increasing difficulty as well as various tips to help beginners succeed. There’s also a 'time-attack' mode for long-term gaming fun! Ubongo - Puzzle Challenge is recommended for people of all ages from 8 upwards.

Ubongo is a great game that all the family will love. It's fast paced, stimulating and requires some skill and smartness to win. The original game has been nominated and has won many awards and honors over the years and has become a game night favorite in many households. Now here's the other great news! While its normal price is...