Developer description

Ueata – A web app aims to help foodies who wants to try various restaurants including upscale restaurants without risking pocket and a busy professional or someone who don’t want to cook but at the same time don’t want to spend lot of money. Ueata team is a bunch of engineers and food lovers who love to try out various restaurants without making a dent to the pocket. The team has found a solution to this problem and have released the beta version of the product – is not just another deal or coupon website. Part of the solution is based on big data and flash coupons.
The research says that 72% of the diners decide where to dine out in less than an hour and the discount plays an important role in impulse decision. The restaurateurs can use this app to get an insight of the market trend and consumer behavior of the day. This big data solution helps them to attract more customers. The team is working on integrating the solution with many social networking site which feeds the data to their algorithm. For now, Ueata will be only available in San Francisco Bay and Dallas FW areas but residents in other cities don’t have to worry.
The goal is to expand Ueata to more cities once further testing is complete.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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