Developer description

Information: Consume, Contribute, Organize & Share

View the most recent uLores OR simply uLore a cool site for future reference. But when it gets right down to it, tired of losing important links to endless bookmarks and social media streams? Then uLore is for you. uLore was developed to address the issues of information overload, search and discovery. uLore is not simply a news or site aggregator / reader; although we deliver most of the latest headlines trending on the web. Instead, with the help of a technology known as Semantics, uLore lets you showcase collections of categorized online resources. And that's not all! Our SemanticOrb delivers daily updates from some of the world's most popular sources. View what's trending on the web, checkout the latest in science articles, get what's new in eLearning and much more.

So who was uLore designed for? Everyone, literally! From professionals who create theme based groups to categorize research findings to students who take advantage of the eLearning feature to enthusiasts with loads of sites that they simply want to organize and share.


- Categorize and tag important links for easy future reference

- Create and share online educational resources in our semantically noted eLearning category

- Add uLores to a reading list, for later viewing

- Create semantically defined groups and add uLores to them

- Track uLores to see future contributions

- Create a uLore Document (uDoc) to organize and share ideals, thoughts, commentary and more

- Contribute links to uLore categorizes for general viewing

- Write a contribution to an existing uLore for all to see

Last updated 13 Jan 2014