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The notorious Dragon crime family has engulfed your city with its evil power. The only hope in ... More

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Published 20 Jun 2013

Ultimate Stick Fighter is what is known in the business as a 'casual' fighting game. That basically means that, rather than a structured multi level game in an arena, this one sees you fight like a modern day Errol Flynn as you wander the rooms. You are one of those stick figures with a sword or a stick in your hand and you get to kill as many of the bad guys as you can swing an arm at. There is a storyline to this fast paced game for iOS and Android, of course. It revolves around the violent Dragon crime family and their attempts to take over the city. You are the only hope to save the city and you use all your martial arts capabilities to smash your enemies to smithereens.
Ultimate Stick Fighter is a lightning fast stick fighting tour-de-force of a game that pits you against the notorious Dragon crime family that has engulfed your city with its evil power. And the only chance to save the city is for you to master a challenging assortment of awesome martial arts combo moves and defeat the enemy. Embrace the soul of the great warrior to stick it to 'em and save your city! Stick Fighter features two heroes and endless combos and you can either play as Ryan or Slash - one uses a sword and the other his bare sticks.  Each player must master his own 20 fight moves and styles and learn insane combos...