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Published 20 Oct 2011

Ulele is one of a number of crowdfunding sites aimed at social and creative projects. Indeed if your idea doesn’t have an outcome that is artistic, community-minded, or for the betterment of society it won’t get past the vetting process.

There are similarities with the way other sites operate of course but that’s no bad thing. There are also a couple differences.

The concept of all or nothing is utilised meaning donors are not charged and project owners receive nothing if the campaign fails to reach the target set. Anyone pledging an amount however must do it via their PayPal account which could alienate a few potential donors.

The starting point like any is the creation of a profile page including project description, videos, photographs and anything else to enhance the general look. A target amount needs to be entered along with a deadline for pledges which cannot exceed 90 days. With everything in place all that’s left to do is to broadcast the project as far and wide as possible.

Depending on what the project is rewards can be offered and based on a scale according to donation size. For instance anyone looking to launch a book could offer free copies or perhaps an invitation to the launch event if successful.

The site gives project owners all of the tools necessary to monitor the progress and engage with supporters but like all of the others it gives no guarantee of the success of any project. Project owners retain 100% ownership and are solely responsible for the outcome of any fully funded venture. There are no monetary or equity incentives offered.

Using the same concept as project funding Ulele does provide something a little different with its Presales feature.  Anyone who already has a great product or idea can set up a presales page and describe just how many sales would be needed to get the thing produced. Donors interested in buying the finished article can pledge in the same way as they would for a project and receive the item if a presale is successful.

Like most of the competition Ulule charges a 5% commission on all collected amounts for successful campaigns and nothing if a target is not met. Likewise donor’s PayPal accounts are only raided when a project reaches a successful conclusion.

I like the idea of crowdfunding sites having some kind of limitation on what can and cannot be included. Anything that benefits the community or is of a creative and artistic nature should have a slightly more exclusive route to funding rather than being lumped in with more general money raising sites. Ulule seems well placed to service that need.

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