Developer description

Did you ever receive a text message reminder from your Dr? Un4gettable let you schedule customizable Text Message (SMS) appointment Reminders from a Google Calendar event and send them to your guests, so you'll be Un4gettable. The app is integrated into the Google Calendar interface (it's a Google Calendar Gadget) so if you are familiar with Google Calendar it will be real easy to catch. Although Un4gettable is made for the Google Calendar web version, it is compatible with any calendar client that syncs with Google. Why most professional service providers send appointment reminders? * To reduce no-shows. * To be able to legitimately charge for a no show session. * So that their clients will take them seriously. * Automatic reminders are the best way to nag a client without being too pushy. * To master their time. Un4gettable wonderful features: * We deliver SMS text messages to most countries around the globe. * Changing the event will change the reminder accordingly. * Customize and personalize the reminder text using the events attributes. Supports recurring events. * Use Google Contacts to fetch phone numbers. * Include RSVP link.

Last updated 12 May 2015

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