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Published 8 Dec 2011

If you've traveled a fair bit you'll know that the best way to discover a new city is to talk to local people. There's no better way to come to grips with a city that to discover it's underbelly and to go where the locals go and not so much where the tourists go. Unanchor is a travel and social app that was developed after a year long trip through Asia and much ploughing through Lonely Planet guides to find the more interesting side of a city that isn't normally seen by travelers. It features detailed guides written by locals and seasoned travelers who have logged their day-to-day adventures for the benefit of other visitors.

Unanchor is a free travel app more geared to the self-guided traveler than the tour bus tourist. It provides cheap (mostly under US$10) self-guided tour itineraries for over 50 cities worldwide including prioritized sites, maps and directions and insider information to let you start enjoying your holiday rather than spend half of it researching your travel destination. These PDFs, written by knowledgeable contributors, plan out a whole day (or two) of sightseeing in cities like Florence, Singapore, and San Francisco and include tips, photos, and easy-to-follow maps. Self-guided tour itineraries are your personal tour guide and each itinerary provides prioritized sights and attractions based on your interests and specific directions on getting from one sight to the next. To get to the under side of the city Unanchor gives...