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Published 8 Dec 2011

[cont'd] you general insider advice and tips on your travel destination from local experts. You can follow your itinerary from start to finish to make the most of your travel whilst saving time and money on transport and attractions.

The thing that sets Unanchor apart from other travel apps is not the incredible up-to-date details of current prices or its snappy design to suck you in. It's more the incredible detail that it offers that could only come from a traveler that has fallen in love with a city and wants to share it with a new friend. The level of detail is astonishing with maps, instructions for getting from one place to another and photos with arrows pointing out your exact destination, Unanchor makes it hard to get lost. The itineraries also end with the authors’ contact information, so you can email them with questions.Oh, and if you consider yourself an interesting writer and you love to travel Unanchor is looking for writers to expand the network of cities covered here...so get in touch. You can even follow Unanchor on Twitter too if you like. There's plenty to love in Unanchor.