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Published 19 Sep 2011

Launched with the support of a number of celebrity endorsements, including one from Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Unbound is a publishing house that uses crowdfunding to get the books on the shelves that people want to read.

Due to the large amount of celebrity biographies and TV show follow-ons currently getting prime position in the bookshops there is an obvious niche for someone to come to the rescue of original writers struggling to get their ideas accepted.

The concept gives a different twist to crowdfunding but uses the same basic formula. A writer pitches his idea to the site and if enough people support it monetarily it gets published. In return the backers can gain rewards depending on the level of support given, the very least of these being their name mentioned in every copy published including any subsequent runs.

Currently the site only accepts pitches from published authors but is not ruling out the fact that things might change in future when more resources are available. Pitches include a detailed outline of the idea, a résumé of the author and a video presentation. The same page also lists a variety of support levels and associated rewards available for each. For instance £150 might get you an invitation to the launch event as well as your name in the book. It is here that you can also see the current level of funding and time left on the clock.

For anyone interested in original writing, be it a novel, a collection of poetry, an historic piece or even a guide book, it’s easy to register and support an author. The site splits all sales revenue 50/50 with successful writers however an the idea fails to get full finding by the time limit set all donations are fully refunded.

A great way to get those original authors who constantly struggle to be heard by the traditional publishers in front of a welcome public. For supporters too, the buzz obtained from helping something on to the book shelves will be worthwhile.

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