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Get rid of the fake Rolex and Viagra spam forever

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Unlistr is a first-of-its-kind app for iPhone and iPad that allows email users to scan and bulk ... More

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Published 19 Aug 2012

You know, the thing that I don't get about spam and email marketing is the apparent connection between fake Rolex watches and penile development. Are they trying to tell me something? Whatever I seem to do to rid my email service of spam, those two just keep coming at me. Unlistr is an iOS email marketing scanner that allows users to bulk unsubscribe from any number of junk mail campaigns easily and quickly. After using Unlistr I won't have to suffer the anxiety of being inundated with ads questioning my manhood and i might be able to keep my Rolex envy might under control too.
Unlistr is a first-of-its-kind app for iPhone and iPad that allows email users to scan and bulk unsubscribe from junk email such as newsletters, advertisements, deals, social media and other subscribed content. Unlistr's algorithm works on any POP3/IMAP account, finds email subscription lists and unsubscribes junk email automatically. In version 1.2, Unlistr Pro includes an option to scan sub-folders including the default junk/spam folder. After inputting a user's email credentials into this native app, Unlistr scans the user's inbox using an algorithm to locate subscription-based email - similar to a virus scan. Credentials do not leave the user's device and no third party "access" is granted to email or contacts. In the second screen, the user is presented with a checklist of all email subscription spam being sent to the user's email. At this point, the user may ignore the lists they wish to keep and unsubscribe from the rest with one button action. Additionally, the user may schedule scans to be alerted. Unlistr Pro is priced at $1.99 and is available for iPhone and iPad. Unlistr 1.2, the free version, is also available for download and may be upgraded to receive all Pro features.
It's not that I have any problem with the email marketing concept. In fact, I think it is a quite valid and necessary form of advertising that can have great benefits for the advertiser. However, I do reserve the right of email customers to control the information that comes into their in box and Unlistr does make a significant difference. I liken it to the telemarketers who inundated my home phone with claims of computer malfunction and cheap phone deals. Im not interested in those services so I signed up to a 'do not call' register and the calls have stopped completely. Unlistr Pro claims that email users will see a significant reduction of unwanted emails after only two weeks of use. Let's just hope I won't be needing any fake watches or Viagra in the near future.

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