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Editor's review

Published 20 Sep 2011

It can be a nightmare...the whole hiring business. How on earth do you know that the person you interview is the right guy to employ. If you ask some US experts they will tell you that they can tell the best candidate for the job with the first handshake but we don't all have that skill. So the answer is Unrabble.

Unrabble is a business job tool that gives employers all the hiring skills that a large agency will give you, but for a fraction of the price. It was designed specifically for people who don't have a background in human resources, the staff or the time - and that means most of us - to research and employ the right person in a fast and efficient manner. Rather than ploughing through endless resumes, Unrabble concentrates on comparing the actual people in front of you and how they fit into your vision to ensure the most appropriate person gets the job. Candidates are screened for skills and education as well as their suitability. It uses micro referencing to verify their employment history and keeps track of your best candidates all the way through the screening process. And all for under US$30 per month for the basic version.

Unrabble is a very professional and easy to use business job tool. To employ a high street employment company could cost you far more and would probably achieve similar results. You might want to just employ someone on 'gut feeling' but Unrabble is going to give you way more information to make your decision. There's even a 14 day free trial if you want to try it out. So, you can either go for the handshake theory, pay top dollar for a high street agency or do the sensible thing and try Unrabble.

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