Developer description

We've forgotten the true significance of mindful breathing. We are so busy that we have even forgotten how to breathe correctly—which drastically affects our overall health and happiness. Unwind fixes that. Unwind comes with the following three guided breathing exercises and whenever the app is launched, it displays the correct breathing exercise based on your sleeping schedule.

- Start your day fresh
This breathing exercise gets you ready for the day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and also shaking off any lingering remnants of sleep

- Relax & unwind
During the day, Unwind displays this breathing exercise to relieve your mind of any stress or anxiety. By the end of this exercise, you'll feel relaxed and more focused.

- Sleep better & faster
And when you are ready for bed, this deep relaxing breathing exercise helps you get calm, and fall asleep in minutes.

Last updated 17 Jul 2019

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