Developer description

UpTo has reinvented the calendar by giving users access to relevant, public streams of events all in one place. Users can sync UpTo with most of the native calendar apps, and they can even add friends from Facebook or from existing contacts and put them into groups. You can privately connect with friends, family and coworkers to share what you want, with who you want, while also being able to have conversations directly within events. The app even allows for sharing events with non-UpTo users.

UpTo now has a platform for local businesses, which allows them to add events or import their existing calendars to share with UpTo users, stream it instantly and add that stream to their website. The app offers more than 5,000 public streams of upcoming events, which users can follow based on their preferences. Users can follow their favorite sports teams, TV premieres, music releases and more!

Last updated 12 Jul 2013

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