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Published 11 Sep 2016

The last time I went on a road trip in the US i did a lot of planning and research beforehand. I not only mapped out the route we wanted to take but I also penciled in a whole batch of places I wanted to see. The Madonna Inn just up from LA in San Luis Obispo, Hearst Castle up the coast at San Simeon and the Aquarium at Monterey were the first three on my list. However, on our travels, I lost count of the amount of times that locals told me about the amazing places I'd missed on the way. I specifically remember being told about great eating places, quirky monuments and the sheer beauty of some of the natural habitats that I'd missed out on. How useful it would have been to have had an app like this one to help guide me.

UrbanBird is a fine little travel and photo app for iOS that is a great way to discover all the attractions that you might normally miss as you travel around the country in unknown territory. It will show you all the interesting stuff that's around you as you travel including local recommendations from local people that know, and fellow users who have traveled the route before you. As you take photos along the way, Urban Bird matches them with all the the most interesting places around your local area - creating an app that comes across as somewhere between a visual version of Yelp and a local version of Instagram.

The app's discovery feature allows you to do just that. To discover all the most interesting places around you that you might not be aware of. The followed hashtag feature helps you find the best spots quickly and the local likes feature includes your saved photos from places near your location. Popular nearby shows you the top hashtags from where you are and the photo maps feature lets you create maps from your travel photos. You can discover great local recommendations as the app matches both the hashtags that you follow and the photos that you upload with all the best places in your surrounding area. In fact, every time you open Urban Bird you'll receive local recommendations.

You can collect and save your favorite spots. Just follow a hashtag to bookmark a category. The app will let you see similar places that are nearby no matter where you are. It is like a wallet of cards that you can use on the go. When you like a photo it is immediately saved so you or others can check it out later. Maybe you've found a cool restaurant that you want to try or there's a great bar that you want to take a look at later. Once you've liked them, they will be securely saved and be accessible whenever you will need to look at them again. Your photos will create a map with all the cool places and geographical interest points mapped out in front of you. You can share them wth your friends on Facebook while you are traveling or when you get home.

Urban Bird is a very convenient travel and discovery app that you can keep with you all the time but it's especially useful when you are on vacation or visiting somewhere new. It looks great and very colorful on your mobile and will show you all the interesting places that locals or visitors have discovered in the past so that you don't miss out on places like the Madonna Inn and similar places along the way. It's available now for free for Android, iPhone and iPad. Who would have thought a simple hashtag would show you so much.

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