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Your personal travel map with photos so youll never miss another breathtaking moment on your travels

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AI + user generated Photo Maps is the core of our Travel App called UrbanBird. We are bringing ... More

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Published 11 Sep 2017

There are two things that we love more than anything else in the FeedMyApp offices, not counting a decent cup of tea and a piece of chocolate cake, of course. When it comes to apps, there's nothing that pleases us more to review than a decent photo editing app or a travel app. We haven't seen too many new photo editing apps of late but here's a fine little travel app that we are visiting for the third time. We first reviewed UrbanBird close to three years ago when it was a mere fledgling of an app and reviewed the second version this time last year. Now we have the third version to have a good look at.

UrbanBird is a unique travel app for iOS that ties up our personal photographs with a map of the places that we visit. In our previous review, we described it as a visual version of Yelp and a localised version of Instagram. This time around, the developers describe it as a local Instagram on a collision course with a Snapchat lens.The Instagram reference takes on more relevance now because that photo sharing behemoth has recently dumped a similar feature from its own bag of tricks.

When you use UrbanBird, your pictures are placed in the right place on a geographical map. You just have to upload them and you can easily make a map of your whole vacation along with all the geographical info about the place that...