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Your personal travel map with photos so youll never miss another breathtaking moment on your travels

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AI + user generated Photo Maps is the core of our Travel App called UrbanBird. We are bringing ... More

Editor's review

Published 11 Sep 2017

There are two things that we love more than anything else in the FeedMyApp offices, not counting a decent cup of tea and a piece of chocolate cake, of course. When it comes to apps, there's nothing that pleases us more to review than a decent photo editing app or a travel app. We haven't seen too many new photo editing apps of late but here's a fine little travel app that we are visiting for the third time. We first reviewed UrbanBird close to three years ago when it was a mere fledgling of an app and reviewed the second version this time last year. Now we have the third version to have a good look at.

UrbanBird is a unique travel app for iOS that ties up our personal photographs with a map of the places that we visit. In our previous review, we described it as a visual version of Yelp and a localised version of Instagram. This time around, the developers describe it as a local Instagram on a collision course with a Snapchat lens.The Instagram reference takes on more relevance now because that photo sharing behemoth has recently dumped a similar feature from its own bag of tricks.

When you use UrbanBird, your pictures are placed in the right place on a geographical map. You just have to upload them and you can easily make a map of your whole vacation along with all the geographical info about the place that you have. Then you can share them with your friends via Instagram and Facebook. The app also matches the hashtags that you follow and the pictures that you upload with the best places in your neighborhood so you will get local recommendations every time you open the app. So, if you've found a great restaurant that you want to visit or an amazing rock formation that you want to check out later, all you have to do that s to 'like' it and it will be securely saved and it'll be accessible to you whenever you need it. The latest version of the app includes a refresh button at the top right corner so you can update your Instagram Photo Map on demand.

Basically, the app is a great way to discover all the sights and interesting stuff that's around you while you travel. Rather than having to troll through travel books or websites, UrbanBird shows you the sights via the many personal photographs on a map of the area you are traveling in so that you can discover all the wonders around you. We made the point in our previous review that, while we never fail to see all the obvious sights as we travel around, there are just as many that we don't see. It might be that cool diner in an outlying town in Kentucky or an amazing rock formation in Wyoming. Places that may not feature in the travel books.

This time around, UrbanBird adds an augmented reality component to proceedings to offer a unique way of discovering new places to visit while you are traveling. With a huge community of travelers, photographers and travel influencers on its books and with over 1.3 million engagements already featured, this app is rapidly becoming the 'go-to' travel app for vacationers all over the world. That's why it has earned a 5 star rating in the App Store and is number one in iTunes for people using the keywords 'explore nearby.' UrbanBird is available now for free for iPhone and iPad.

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