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A convenient and fun way of geolocating your travel photos and discovering new places

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With UrbanBird, your photos get commented automatically with dates, locations, titles and ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2014

When modern smartphones and GPS capable cameras introduced their geolocation capabilities a while back, an opportunity was created for some enterprising entrepreneur to take full advantage of it. One in particular realized that it was all very well to display one's photographs but it wasn't quite so easy to remember where and when they were taken. The developers realized that when you take a photo using the new technology, your device logs the coordinates where the photo was taken. So, utilizing that information, they created UrbanBird to log your photo details automatically with dates, locations, titles and descriptions. Then, as an added bonus, they added a feature that figures out the context of the photos and offers you suggestions of future places to visit.
Most people know by now just how much we love a good travel app here at the FeedMyApp offices. There are so many available these days but it's not so easy to come up with a travel idea that captures the imagination and offers something a little more unique but still useful.  UrbanBird captured our attention because of its ability to have photos commented on automatically with all their information on display. The photos are then displayed on a map and analyzed with new places suggested to you based on where you've been and where you are right now. You can create your own photo display or search through other users portfolios. Just search using hashtags the same way you do on Twitter - you can search titles, descriptions, locations and dates to easily find what you are looking for - and even search for specific maps, beaches, parks or any other type of location you wish. One click on the photos brings you all their details including Google Maps, giving you access to the street view and directions on how to get there.
UrbanBird is a beautiful and convenient new way for you and others to explore your photos as well as providing a useful photo guide and recommendations. Let's assume that you visit a place like Louisville, Kentucky and take a photo of the majestic Brown Hotel there. The app will not only suggest similar hotels nearby but can also show you the hotel rates, the business address and phone number, restaurant menus and even a map to show you how to get there. It gives you the chance to show off your photos of places in their true location on a map with full details provided as well as letting you look through other people’s photos too. UrbanBird only requires you to upload your photos and the app does the rest for you. It's a convenient and unique way to show off your photographic skills as well as being a more than useful free app for travelers.

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