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Time to make your writing more personal! With urFonts you can easily create your personal and ... More

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Published 2 Feb 2014

When was the last time that you wrote an actual letter in your own handwriting? If you're anything like me, it's a pretty rare thing these days. Pretty well all my correspondence takes place through email and social networking. But, I used to really like my handwriting when I used to practice it regularly. Emails and their generic typefaces are pretty dull in the scheme of things. urFonts is a new writing application for iPad that attempts to solve both problems by letting you easily create your very own handwriting font that you can use to totally personalize your writing and emails.
Wouldn't it be good if your emails didn't only bring you news, updates and offers but did it with a bit of a personal touch, too. urFonts makes it easy for you to create unique and personal handwritten fonts on your iPad - clutter free. And, when you have created your fonts, you can use them in emails and Facebook conversation. The app lets users create and design fonts based on your own handwriting and is surprisingly uncomplicated to use. If you've used a notes app on iPad, then you already have a pretty good idea as to how the app works. Users can just draw their characters using the design tools. It may be time to make your writing a little more personal. urFonts lets you easily create your own personal and unique font. Write a letter on urLetters and they will...