Developer description

Ursamadjor EVO is a city exploration application in three dimensions (3D). This application uses realtime adjustment time which makes visualization of weather and light conditions similar to real life. When the city was in a state of actual rain, Ursamadjor EVO will display animated rain which flushed the city, as well as when the sun is shining brightly. Adjust the light conditions with the actual time. Morning, afternoon, evening and night has a different atmosphere.
Users can access information that is available from 9 categories of Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes, Hospitals, Real Estate, Educational Institutions, Malls, Shops, Banks, Public Places. Each location has address information, phone numbers, opening times, facilities, photos and comments. In addition to the locations that already have a Virtual Tour at 360, 360 virtual tour can be accessed through the application Ursamadjor EVO.
For the moment the application is still in BETA stage. For the next stage, the application Ursamadjor EVO would have the traffic visualization features in real-time. So if there are traffic jams in the Pasopati area then you will see the density of cars in the area. Real-time traffic feature is still under development.
In terms of the game (Final Release Version) users is a mayor who multitalented, you can catch the robbers, ninjas, find missing people, help clean up trash, and helping the elderly. Interestingly all have different characters ( If you managed to make the city safer, you will get a coin that will be used to hire the services of an informant to tell you the information where the existence of rare objects that can be collected. And when you manage to collect these objects, you will get a badge (badge).

Last updated 13 Jul 2014