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URSponsored.com was created with one goal in mind: to help talented people like you achieve ... More

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Published 13 Nov 2011

I am always astonished by the talent there is out there just waiting to be 'discovered.' You've just got to watch shows like America's Got Talent and The Voice to get an idea of the talent waiting to explode. So if you are a performer how can you showcase your undoubted talent when you can't manage to get onto one of the big TV shows. URSponsored is a video music contest app that provides you with another chance to showcase your skill, whatever it may be, to a worldwide audience.
URSponsored was created with one goal in mind and that was to help talented people achieve their dreams by providing a unique opportunity to showcase your talent, your passions, and your hobbies to a worldwide audience. URSponsored is the world’s largest stage for you to get noticed, get sponsored and get paid for what you do best.  Just upload your videos whether you are a musician or an athlete, an actor or animator or even a grandparent to their grandkid. Maybe you could become an overnight  internet sensation. For URSponsored it’s all about the talent and it’s about participating in the contests, watching you grow in popularity and contributing to you success. So how does it work? When you upload a video it is posted on the site for other users to view and rate. The better rating that your video gets the more exposure it receives. Companies and brands may then search out...