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UseClark is a document reader that lets you read and remember documents much faster and better. ... More

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Published 24 Apr 2014

Do you wonder sometimes if your website visitors actually read and take in the information that you give them? You probably reckon that by simply putting your words on screen that your readers will absorb and understand them. But anyone who has looked at a heat map of their website will already know that there are always 'flat spots' on your site. UseClark is a unique and revolutionary new application that has come up with a three-pronged plan to make sure that your visitors remember you and also remember the message that you are trying to get across.
UseClark is a document reader that lets you read, remember and process documents faster and better than ever before. It does this by guiding your eyes more effectively during reading - making your information quicker to read and easier to comprehend - and backs this up by also giving you an automatic summary of the text you just read. This innovative addition makes it easier to read, remember and share the most important points with friends and co-workers. UseClark utilizes three different features to help you. For a start, it guides your eyes by lighting up words - something the developers call 'reading karaoke' - with the effect that you automatically read much faster with a better understanding of the text. It follows this with a brief summary of the text that you've just read so you can get a better idea of what you are talking about. Thirdly, when you integrate the app into your website, you get something rather special - the aforementioned heat maps. Heatmaps uses advanced technology that give you a better idea of how your articles are read, the areas of your site that your visitors are attracted to and, probably more importantly, the places that they don't.
UseClark is the intelligent way to learn about the reading behavior of your website's visitors. It's aim is to get your message across better as well as giving your readers a great reading experience as well as delivering valuable data on your readers' behavior. You can integrate the app into any website as a plugin and works easily as a document reader on all your devices whether it be a tablet, smartphone or your desktop computer. It can process all your documents including PDF, .Doc, ePub and HTML automatically. While there are plenty of apps around that include heat maps with other features to analyze your website, I can't recall one that uses the unique karaoke feature and backup summaries to ensure your information is remembered.

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