Developer description

UserBallot is on a mission to help website owners make better decisions.

We are a team of developers, designers and business folks working to solve the problem of gaining feedback from more users.

We saw a need in the marketplace and are solving it by creating a seamless, one-touch, yes/no quick online poll market.

UserBallot is about helping website owners, both big and small, gather valuable data that can help them refine their product and user experience, and keep people coming back for more.

UserBallot works via embedding a snippet of HTML code (sign up then follow the instructions under the ‘Get Started’ button) into account owners’ websites and provides real time user feedback along with analytics.

We won a StartUp Weekend, work out of the incubator iGate in Livermore, California and were recognized by RackSpace for their startup program.

Last updated 17 Dec 2013