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Userfarm is the leading international network of videomakers that connects brands with a global crowd of creative videomakers specializing in producing videos tailored to client's needs. Brands get a variety of videos to select from and invariably spend less than through the traditional production channels. Some of our clients love the creativity of our videomakers, others unearth insight from the videos themselves . Videomakers earn money through video calls or assignments from clients who are leading international brands and this in turn enhances their client portfolio. Our commitment is to provide to our videomakers an all encompassing environment, which brings together a place to earn rewards, a place to improve their skills and enhance their portfolio, to connect with likeminded videomakers, and find exciting videomaking opportunities. Userfarm is the first international platform of video crowdsourcing, the easiest choice to make video content. Brands, Agencies, Publishers and Broadcasters can access on Userfarm a network of more than 30.000 videomakers able to create a full range of different forms of video content: 1. real life: video diaries, documentaries, real stories, stories of journeys, memories gathered in videos made by the video makers of Userfarm 2. journalism: local news, vox pop, sport events, investigations, event coverage and interviews done by mobile journalists 3. advertising: TV spots, viral videos, tutorials for any product or service 4. how to: video advice for a wide range of topics, from cooking to parenting, from beauty to fitness, from bricolage to looking after home pets 5. fiction: shorts, parodies, comedy sketches, mash ups 6. other: videoart, cartoons, music videos and talent scouting The Userfarm team assists the client through all of the creative process, from the definition of the prizes to the rough copy brief, from legal support to the making of the launch video, from moderation and animation of the campaign up to the selection and the delivery of prizes to the winners. Our community managers will moderate the submissions and offer advice. Clients are able to participate in providing feedback.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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