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Published 21 Oct 2012

One of the things that we all seem to remember about dealings with a business is the way they handle their customer service. While we expect a business to do what they do well, it's often how they handle things when something goes wrong that is the thing that most gets our goat up, as my mother used to say. They reckon that, for every one person that complains about a service you offer, there are another six who will simply tell their friends. So when a problem crops up it would be good to nip it in the bud early on and Userlike is a CRM that offers a very professional live chat feature for you to answer any questions that crop up in real-time and as they happen.
Userlike is a live chat software for your website that allows you to communicate with your visitors through an integrated chat box. This means, of course, that it will boost your customer service as well as your conversion rate. You can answer all customer questions on the spot and even add some personality by putting a face to your website to create loyal customers. Userlike is built with an emphasis on design, usability and functionality and this  'software-as-a-service' model ensures that you can have live chat up and running within minutes and it won’t have any effect on the speed of your website. You can chat from the web or from an IM client on your desktop or smartphone. You decide how you wish to operate the Userlike chats. You can start chatting right away through the dashboard chat client or connect Userlike to an IM client like Adium or Pidgin. With a smartphone IM client you can even talk to your web visitors on the go! In the dashboard you can customize your chat widget to the outlay of your website and set up the chat rules for customer interaction Control your chat operator team and manage integrations with other CRM solutions. And unlike many other live chat providers, this one looks like it is truly integrated in the page and follows the visitor as they navigate over different pages. With the extensive customization options your live chat solution will look native to your site. When there is no operator online, an offline form will appear instead or you can choose to let the chat widget disappear altogether when no one is online.
Userlike live chat is a very powerful weapon to solve any queries that your visitors may ask you and allows you to chat with your website visitors in real-time as they move over your website. It's simple to use and looks very elegant but, most of all, it delivers exactly what it says it is going to do - a very efficient chat box that is integrated into your site. The chat widget is also available in many different languages including German, French, Spanish and Russian and is perfect for teams with multiple chat agents as well as single operators.

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