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Userlook provides a lot of features for real-time monitoring of your website. You can see what ... More

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Published 8 Oct 2011

It's all well and good to monitor your website performance by eye but sometimes a little deeper analysis is required if you really want to be on your game. Userlook is a web monitoring platform that enables you to see what's happening with your website right now so you can react immediately and optimize it's frontline to engage customers more readily.
Userlook provides a lot of features for real-time monitoring of your website. You can see what is happening on site right now and react fast on site events and empower your frontline to engage customers. After a quick and easy registration you will get a screen consisting of modules that allow you to get information about site users activity. The daily active graph provides details of the number of customers who use your website each day. The activity log monitors all activity that happens on site each day. Top pages give you the most popular pages of the day while most popular countries is fairly self explanatory. Top referrals shows you the places where your visitors originate from and unveil traffic channels to your site.The Twitter presence monitor searches for mentions and comments about your site from Twitter users. The notification system will send you an email if your volume of visitors increases significantly. As you can see, Userlook provides a vast amount of information to monitor and increase your site's productivity and, as a consequence, you get more visitors. There are a number of pricing plans for the service ranging from the basic service which comes in at under US$5 per month up to the top level which will set you back about US$80 per month. The most popular plan for medium sized businesses is the Base+ plan at US$9 per month.

If you are serious about the upkeep of your website you really do have to monitor it constantly to keep it to it's optimum. Userlook provides a detailed analysis of your site giving you valuable information into the positive side as well as the negative side. The Twitter comments help too. You know that expression 'I'd like to be a fly on that wall?" Well, Userlook is your very own fly on the wall with an inbuilt computer analysis to give you all the information you need to keep up the great work you are doing on your site. If you are still not convinced you can trial it for credit you are quick.

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