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THE PROBLEM: If you own a web business, you know that every single day many of your visitors ... More

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Published 9 Feb 2014

Our friends at UserStats are offering an amazing deal just for FeedMyApp readers.
- 3 Months FREE Usage of UserStats
- 1 Hour Website Review and Killer Tips from a Worlwide Conversion Rate Optimization Expert (worth $500)
- FREE Split Test on Optimizely to measure the impact of adding the widget
The promo code is 'FeedMySite30' and it's available to the first 30 users that signup.

We humans are a strange race. We often need to be convinced by the actions of others before committing ourselves to something. Take a restaurant, for example. People are more than likely to walk past one that is almost empty because 'there must be something wrong with it' in favor of a busier one up the road. To a certain extent, it's the same with the Internet. According to the experts, one of the main reasons that visitors leave sites without committing to signing up is that they have no idea how popular your site is. Now, if they could see how many people had already signed up or when the last transaction was, they might be a little more convinced of your authenticity. UserStats is a simple to use social marketing application that adds a widget to automatically show your stats on your site as they are collected and generate more conversions within days.
If you own a web business, you will know that every day many visitors abandon your site without converting into users or customers and one of the main reasons for this is that your visitors are unaware of just how active and popular your website really is. It goes back to the story i mentioned earlier about walking into an empty restaurant or shop. It’s a fact that we are more likely to leave if we don’t see anyone else in the venue. Psychologists call this conformity, herd behavior, or the bandwagon effect. Marketers call this 'social proof.' UserStats is the world's first tool that allows you to show real time and verified 'social proof' of how many customers or users your site really has - creating the equivalent effect of your walking into a busy restaurant as opposed to not going into an empty one . UserStats was created by marketing and conversion rate experts who have spent the last 10 years starting and growing businesses in multiple industries. Their claim is that the app is guaranteed to increase the number of site visitors that will engage with your site and ‘convert’ into customers and users. You could use it for your online shop to show the number of orders placed or bookings taken or show how many times your software has been downloaded - giving your business greater perceived credibility.
No matter what your industry is - wordpress or enterprise website - it's been pretty well proven that 'social proof' is one of the more effective ways of generating leads and sales for your business. The UserStats widget is easy to use - just choose the page of your site where you want to display your stats and copy and paste the tracking code. It's that quick! Every widget is fully responsive and automated, 100% secure, lightning fast and takes seconds to setup. Displaying stats like the number of downloads and the number of sign ups seems to legitimize your business and add proof to the fact that you DO know what you are doing and your product is GREAT. It's a strange thing that we require this 'proof' to generate trust in our society - but, it's also a proven fact that 'social proof' and 'conversion rate optimization' really does work.

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