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Published 17 Nov 2014

What's that old adage about 'prevention being better than a cure'? One thing's for sure. In the world of websites, that statement has never been truer. When it comes to websites and their design, it's far more important - and a lot more cost efficient - to test the efficiency of a site before it is unleashed onto the viewing masses. Uxeria is a great solution for fast user testing for your website to determine visitor behavior. Just set the website and the relevant criteria and the app will pass it on to some of its 80,000 testers. Rather than having to wait weeks for results, you'll know within a couple of days which parts of your site they loved and which bits they didn't and, whats more, you'll be able to see every mouse movement they made. You'll also find out how your visitors reacted to your advertising and which parts of your website - or anybody else's, if it comes to that - were memorable to them.
Bad decisions when designing your website could potentially cost you a packet if you don't find out about them until after you've launched. There could be critical errors in the actual working of your site or it could simply be poor execution or the incorrect positioning of ads. In simple terms, Uxeria records the behavior of users visiting your website, landing page or form and will report back to you with the results within 48 hours. The app will help you remove any communication errors on your pages and help to increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaign. You can use ads, banners and videos and get your testers to choose the best version of your advertisement to verify your designers’ work. Find out how your brand is perceived, see how they react to it and see whether they have an understanding of your product vision and USP. Check on your competitors by verifying the solutions to problems they have and see whether they are actually bringing good results. Your testers aren't completely anonymous either. You will see their faces and hear their comments as well as being able to track all of their mouse movements and they can be targeted according to their sex, income, place of residence etc.  Uxeria will test the efficiency of any website without having to use any coding or having to paste scripts and makes it easy to find out the conversion rates of your competitors. You can find out how users react to your advertisments and discover which parts are more memorable than others by showing users your ad for a short time and then asking them specific questions about it. Finally, and probably most importantly, you can test the wireframe and learn when users encounter errors.
I guess you could recruit your own testers to see how your website performs or you could hire someone to do it for you but that can be costly and could take weeks to get the results back. Uxeria does it fast - in some cases you'll get your results back within a day. The app is very easy to use and even easier to navigate with all the different elements clearly labeled and easy to execute. Its flexibility is a bonus too and you can decide which focus group you want to appraise your product or brand. It could be women or men or, even if a specific location if that's where your campaign is based. Uxeria looks to be the real deal. It's a fast and cost effective way to find out just how well your website or product is being received by your potential customers.

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