Developer description

Mobile building software groups
Want to conduct user research and test, track and enhance in a collaborative environment the pre-launched and post-launched iOS and Android mobile applications with:
• Heatmaps
• Screen records
• First person video feedbacks
• Screenshot design improvements
Our product is:
UXRecord is a software recording and analytics web platform and mobile framework that helps you better understand what is the best UX fit for pre-launched and post-launched mobile applications.

Our product/solution (differentiation):
UXRecord is divided into 2 frameworks working together with 1 collaborative dashboard
• The first mobile framework created for iOS and Android devices is a new generation of mobile analytics integrated in the pre-launched mobile application offering our clients the possibility to view screen records, front face camera videos, heatmaps, design issues and solve the problems by collaborating with developers, designers and software testers.
• The second framework is offering the end-user the possibility to record and submit their front face camera feedback for your product, while you can analyze the heatmaps that are were created.

Last updated 27 Dec 2016

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