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A vacation travel app where you can count down the time to lift off

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The Vacation Countdown App is designed to countdown your time until the next time you can go on ... More

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Published 10 Nov 2021

It's been a while now since many of us have had the chance to have some sort of a vacation. Whether it is a visit to our loved ones on the other side of the country, a trip to a getaway in the countryside or a vacation to a resort on the other side of the world, there's no doubt that it will do us all the world of good to get away for some rest and relaxation. It's exciting, isn't it! The countdown to the day we leave is almost as exciting as the day we leave. Three weeks...two days etc.

If we wish, we can count the days to lift off in our heads but there is an easier and much more fun way of counting down. The Vacation Countdown app is a travel app for Android and iOS that counts down the exact days, minutes and seconds on your phone until you leave. Whenever you are frustrated with your friends and workmates, you can take a quick look at the app and know that you'll be on your way to better times in three days, four hours, twenty seven minutes and...fifty three seconds. Ahhh bliss. 

Just type in your destination and your departure time, pick a style, choose the units that you want to see and customize the look of your app and you're away. Grab a photo to illustrate the background of your app...