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Developer description

Do you tend to forget the dates for getting your child vaccinated? Need help?Vaccination reminder is an android application created specifically for the parents to remember important vaccination dates so that they can keep a track of the vaccination schedules for their new born kids.
Enter the app using your Login ID and password or register first . There are two modules in this app. The first module is for the doctor while the second module is for the parents.
Make a profile :
- In the profile section of the app, The baby's name is entered with birthday and other details. A chart with a scheduled date of each vaccination for the child is created based on the details entered for the parents to keep check on.
- Each vaccination type will be shown along with the next scheduled date. The parents will receive a notification message and email before the due date of the vaccination.
- The doctor will give reminder to the parents for the child's vaccination date and also send birthday greetings and wishes through the app.
Know the Symptoms :
- The symptoms section of the page contains information for the new parents about the general growing habit symptoms of the infants month by month. This is to keep track on the growth of the child.
Take care of height & weight :
- In the height and weight section, parents will be able to map the expected height and weight of their infants based on the ratio given in the Vaccination Reminder application.
Watch the diet :
- The diet section of the app has recommended diet information for the infants which is given on monthly basis so that right diet is given to the child.
The notifications to the parents will be given by:
1. SMS reminders
2. Email reminders
3. Push notifications
4. Phone alerts The parents will also be able to save individual vaccine status as per the doctor's advice.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015