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Valkyrie removes the need for software engineers in 3D/AR creation with no coding needed

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Valkyrie is a creative platform for 3D/AR modelers and designers. It is easier to use than its ... More

Editor's review

Published 6 Sep 2021

The main holdback for many 3D/AR modelers and designers is the fact that there are generally two components needed to create things like applications, prototypes and games. On the one side there's the creatives or designers who come up with the concept in the first place. Then there are the software engineers. They're the ones that bring the designer's vision to fruition. Both sides are needed. Unfortunately, it's rare that you find a designer that is also a software engineer or vice versa and that's where the problems begin. Given the fact that engineers are in short supply around the world at the moment and they tend to charge a small fortune for their services, it's not difficult to see the problems that exist.

Now, if only we could make the designer's life a bit easier by making the engineering side more accessible and making it a bit cheaper. We can. The Valkyrie No-Code Creative Platform is a creative platform for Android and iOS that does much of the work of the software engineer without the need to be a coding expert. Valkyrie is easier to use than its competitors, it functions better and it was created specifically for non-programmers. This makes it cheaper, faster to use and gives much easier access for the designer.

Using Valkyrie, you can take any digital asset and turn it into a high quality, interactive project like an app, a prototype or a game with little or no programming knowledge. Suddenly, a static design can be turned into a digital product for development as a real-life saleable item without having to rely on software engineers.  There are even a whole batch of ready-made templates to help solve various complex situations that. Need solving. The developer's aim is for the Valkyrie platform to be as easily accessible as a regular software designer like Canva and as powerful as a high-end games developer like Unity Engine.

According to figures, there are close to 60 million potential designers out there who have been held back by their lack of coding and software engineering skills. Valkyrie allows them to bring their vision to life without impinging on their creative freedom. Valkyrie opens up a myriad of opportunities for designers of prototypes, augmented reality experiences, mobile apps and games as well as any number of other unique projects that they can come up with. When you are ready to share your project Its very easy to export a vpk documents to any device, even if it's from your mobile.

Valkyrie app can surely only bring greater commercial success and a better bank balance to the humble designer. It was built for all different types of businesses  whether they be in marketing, facility management, infrastructure, real estate, education, 3D art, game creation or even retail. Right now, It's been picked up extensively by the upper echelon of businesses and government agencies in both North America and the APAC region. The speed and undoubted quality of this app puts the art of design creation squarely back into the hands of the person who came up with the idea in the first place - the designer!

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