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Run and save your souls to fight another day

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You are a Valkyrie, and you have one job: To take the souls of fallen warriors to their final ... More

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Published 18 Aug 2013

When we think about the name Valkyrie there are a few things that come to mind. The first, for me, is that scene in Francis Ford Coppola's movie Apocalypse Now where the helicopters roll in to the sound of Wagner's classical masterpiece Ride Of The Valkyries. Then there is the Tom Cruise movie where he plays the German officer attempting to assassinate Hitler during WWII. This Valkyrie, however,  is very different to either of those two. In this heart-stopping first person running game your mission is to take the souls of fallen warriors back to Valhalla - their final resting place. You'll use all of your reflexes to jump, slide and  run while collecting souls in this dynamic, interactive and somewhat addictive game world. are a Valkyrie with one simple job to do. To take the souls of fallen warriors to their final resting place in the hall of Valhalla. Only trouble is that it’s not that easy and not anyone can do it. In this speedy game, not everyone has the quickness of thumb to rescue souls and become a Valkyrie. Maybe you think you have what it takes? This first-person runner is not for the faint-of-heart or the slow of reflex. Here you can jump and slide across light bridges and deactivate walls with no time to slow down. There's no time for dithering here as you have to keep running whilst collecting as many souls as possible. In fact, in...