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Valuation App is a tool for entrepreneurs, investment bankers, investors and venture capitalists ... More

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Published 30 Apr 2013

If you want to work out complex calculations in your specific line of work you probably have an Excel spreadsheet to work it out. But what happens when you are away from the office and don't have the availability of those spreadsheets at your disposal. Do you take down all the info and work it out at the office and tell them you'll get back to them later? Wouldn't it be better to have something that will do the job now? Valuation App has been designed with the financial entrepreneur and venture capitalist in mind and provides an instant answer to financial calculations of the most complex order. This free app is the only app on the Android marketplace that gives you this service for when you are on the go.
Valuation App is a tool for students, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, investors and venture capitalists to perform complex calculations and valuation techniques - all from their Android devices. It serves as a portable tool for finance professionals who would like to perform complex calculations,  on the go, without resorting to their excel spreadsheets for available models. The app allows you to thoroughly analyze businesses and start-ups and serves as a prototype for analysis of everything from Beta startups and valuation to income statements and cash flow. In fact, entrepreneurs and startups need no other tool as the valuation techniques used in the app are on par with those used in the real world. There is a...