Developer description

We have seen enough talented freelancers going broke, just because their business numbers were not obvious to them. ValueTime keeps track of freelancers revenue on a daily basis. It encloses how profitable you spend your time to always know, what is going on in your freelance business.

You get valuable insight about your business–even before you use it on a daily basis. Simple calculations show you how much billable time you need to reach a certain goal.

Revenue oriented time tracking: Why would you track how much time you lose? No wonder most freelancers hate time tracking. Focus on what you earn in this time – that's much more fun.

Compare and analyse projects and clients: As Freelancers we trade our time for money. Get insights which clients and projects are profitable and where you lose most time and money.

Revenue forecast before you write the bills: Have you ever been nervous, if it all works out financially? Get an overview how your business is doing at any given time – even before you bill your clients.

Project budgets always in mind: Define project budgets and see how much budget is left. You can define which activities are billable and see, how every single project is doing.

Reports and invoices you will be proud of: Use your tracked time to easily create beautiful reports and invoices – with your brand on it, not ours.

With you on every device: Lightning-fast interface on all devices. Log in on the go and experience the full feature set, especially useful to quickly add something on your way home.

Last updated 17 Apr 2018