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Published 30 May 2013

I'll never forget watching the excellent Jodie Foster directed film Little Man Tate and hearing the boy's analysis of Vincent Van Gogh's painting 'Irises.' When asked why the Dutch impressionist master had painted just one white iris in a sea of blue ones, he said simply "because he was lonely" and that changed my whole perception of the painting and I fell in love with his art forever. Van Gogh Art Essentials for iOS brings art to the app store with this virtual museum of Vincent's work that contains hundreds of his masterpieces in high definition as well as detailed artwork and biography information. 
Van Gogh Art Essentials exhibits the work of Vincent van Gogh. It is a great virtual museum with extremely high resolution quality pictures in real HD and you can build your own catalogue by bookmarking your favorite artworks. All artworks come with detailed educational information including its title, the month and year that it was painted, it's size and the material it was painted on as well as the museum it is displayed in and its actual ownership. The Van Gogh biography is discussed in six chapters which refer to the painting periods. The artworks are divided into six periods - earliest, Nuenen - Antwerp, Paris, Aries, Saint-Remi and Auvers-sur-Oise - and six categories - self portraits, portraits, still lifes, sunflowers and nature. It features easy navigation, a swipe-through picture gallery, full-screen or thumbnail picture view and a great zoom in zoom out...