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Published 9 Jul 2017

Everywhere we look these days, we are being told that our online communications are in peril of being hacked or listened in to. If it isn't the Russians, the Chinese or the North Koreans it's our own Governments who want to be able to monitor our online conversations. No wonder many are turning to Virtual Private Networks to protect their privacy. Some might think that messaging chat apps are the way to go and use popular services like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Signal to get their messages across securely. However, all have suffered with privacy issues over the last few years. But now there's a new app on the market that keeps our messaging completely private, intimate, secure and comfortable and makes security breaches a thing of the past.

Vanish Messager is a new privacy aware, instant messaging app for iOS that is perfect for both business and personal needs. It uses cutting edge encryption libraries to provide privacy and security for all content and in all situations. Whether you are a journalist who wants to communicate securely with their source, you work for a NGO in a repressive country, are a lawyer communicating in private with a client or someone who just wants to flirt with an online friend after a drunken night out, Vanish is the perfect vehicle to go with.

The developers have identified the vulnerabilities that exist in other popular messaging apps and improved on them. For example, WhatsApp has a...