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Why cannabis vaporizers are the new black

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Diagnosed with Crohn's disease, Dr. Vape found more relief from vaporizing cannabis than any ... More

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Published 11 Feb 2014

There has been plenty of rubbish talked about the use of marijuana over the years. While it has been used medicinally for centuries to help relieve stress and to stimulating the appetite the arguments about legalizing the herb have got a bit mixed up with the anti smoking lobby. Which is fair enough. But it's not the cannabis that's bad for you - it's the 111 toxins that are unleashed on your body when you light it up that are the things that are going to cause you damage. Vape Nation is a health and fitness application centered around the business of cannabis vaporizers. The 'Vape' gives you all the benefits of smoking a joint without having to light up the herb and smoke it - perfect for medical marijuana patients.
Vape Nation was apparently developed by a certain 'Dr Vape, who was diagnosed with and trying to live with the debilitating Crohn's disease. He tried many different ways of controlling the disease over the years - mostly using prescription drugs for treatment - but none was as helpful as when he was introduced to the cannabis vaporizer. These days, Dr Vape is a medical marijuana patient as well as being a web designer and he took it upon himself to personally review each vaporizer with care and detail. The app helps you find the right vaporizer for you with totally unbiased reviews based on months of testing and use. Dr Vape gives his honest comparison opinions on the classic stealthy and portable Magic Flight right through to Da Buddha - described as the best overall desktop vaporizer as well as offering a comprehensive, photo packed guide that tells you everything there is to know about the health benefits of marijuana and how the vaporizer is the future of 'smoking' it.  The comparison chart shows you all the stats at-a-glance and you can compare price, warm-up times, battery life, temporature ranges and materials.
No matter what you think about marijuana use, the fact is, it ain't going away. On the contrary, in the US, one state has completely legalized it. Given the fact that there are tax dollars to be collected on legal marijuana sales one can only expect more states to follow. When cannabis was only legally available through medical marijuana clinics in Colorado it was delivering 25% of the states income, so you can see how governments are going to be hard pressed to resist the temptation to legalize and vaporizers take the harmful smoking out of the equation. The app is easy to use, informative, knowledgable and speaks a lot of sense. With more and more people wanting to save their lungs without giving up the medicinal and pleasurable actions of marijuana, I can see this excellent app doing very well.

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