Developer description

Instant and live connection of events – planned, instantaneous, and fun stuff! Show events live or record, save them in the cloud and release to any organization you prefer. This is it, new, and private platform developed to help you show whatever is going on in your area to one person or group of people – instant delivery, streaming and relay of live video of events.

You do not have to record to deliver – recording is optional. All you need to do is turn on your mobile device, login to video capture one, simply refer to as VCap1 and deliver proactively. Allow one person or group of people to see what you are looking at regardless of distance and time. Simply focus on an object and show it live.

What a great idea for doctors and patients contact; merchants and customers contact; lawyers and clients contacts; real estate agents and possible buyers contact – endless possibilities.

Focus and show a breaking news; public gathering or protest; political rally: graduation; special events, etc. Show it live to a specific or selected audience. Let your imagination help bring out your creative side. Focus and show the dress at the store; the food at the restaurant; the performance of your child on the football field or school organized event(s); ballet, or the ballroom dance: your new house: your fundraising events, or whatever is happening in public places, etc.
You are now the producer of the show…

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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