Developer description

We are the only full service vectorization product on the market, providing reliable, fast, and high quality vectorization service for global clients. We've created and designed a more efficient way to convert poor quality, low resolution pixel based images into sharp, clean, fully scalable vector format. Our goal is to save our customers, who range from amateur designers to professionals in the signage, print, and advertising industries, valuable time and money.

We know how difficult it is to work with clients who do not understand the difference between raster and vector graphics. Most designers have experienced the agony of being provided a so called 'vector' file from a client, only to find that it has simply been renamed or saved with a different extension! Sadly, many potential successful relationships are derailed at these initial stages.

By providing our customers, with quality, affordable, and fast vectorization services, we allow them to focus on providing exceptional service and products to their clients, while we take care of getting the artwork ready for print and production.

Last updated 29 Oct 2014

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