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Vehicle Logs is an extremely easy and beautiful way to track your trips for all of your ... More

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Published 6 Oct 2011

Never before have we been forced to keep detailed logs of the distance we travel in our motor vehicle whether it be the humble Mini or the Scania truck.  It doesnt matter if it's for taxation purposes, business expenses or just for pure pleasure it is becoming more and more important to log your travel movements. Vehicle Logs by Sockii is a simple and cool way to track your movements for all of your vehicles.
Vehicle Logs is an iphone car organize tool that is an extremely easy and beautiful way to track your trips for all of your vehicles. With a streamlined information-entry user interface and ,with the added option of using GPS to auto-fill in location information,  you don’t need the paper version anymore!
Logging information for a trip has never been easier thanks to the GPS auto-fill feature that automatically fills in your location and calculates the distance traveled using the GPS of your device. This makes tracking your trips all the more simple, less time-consuming and less stressful!

There's no getting around it. If you want to claim your expenses back for using your motor vehicle you're going to have to fill out a log. Vehicle Logs by Sockii is an incredibly accurate, GPS-based car log that not only works really well but it also looks pretty good too. The interface is clean and precise and gives you all the information you need to fill in your tax / expenses form. Tracking your trips has never been easier than with Vehicle Logs.

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