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The perfect companion piece to Salesforce CRM that does everything except make tea

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Veloxy is an AI driven predictive sales-enablement application and platform designed to help ... More

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Published 3 Jan 2019

What most of us really need in our business life is a damned good personal assistant. Someone who could organise us better, someone with all the relevant details of customer communications at their fingertips and someone who has all the up-to-date information that we need to take our business further. It would be a bonus if they could make a decent cup of tea or coffee to go with it but that could be asking too much. Unfortunately, the days of PA's for sales teams is pretty much over these days. However, if your sales team don't mind foregoing their tea or coffee there is another way of retaining all the benefits or a great personal assistant - and it sits neatly in your pocket for whenever you need it.

Veloxy is an AI driven business companion app for iOS and Android that works in conjunction with the most popular and most innovative CRM on the planet - Salesforce CRM - to enable better predictive forecasting and better outcome for sales teams and management. In layman's terms, that means that it gives you a better understanding of your customers and better analytics to show just which actions that you take really make a difference to everything from simple customer satisfaction to increasing your company's bottom line.

Veloxy mobile and inbox automatically logs actions like calls made, emails sent, when they are opened and if they have replied - making it simple to add and maintain information as you go and...