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Published 9 May 2014

[cont'd] your color-coded mood on a spectrum that can be calm, irritated, annoyed, angry or furious, depending on how you feel. Then you can post your vents - which are like status updates - with whatever your gripe is in 240 characters or less. You are also encouraged to follow other ‘Venters’ and be followed in return and you can comment, favourite, keep up with the most popular vents and generally have a lot of fun.
A while back FeedMyApp reviewed a great little app called GripeO that gave customers a place to hand over their business complaints to get a better outcome. That's fine for material goods but sometimes we need a place where we can sort out our mental issues. Vent is a lighthearted, free social network where, as they say themselves, you can  "get it off your chest and get on with your day." Rather than ranting and raving at work, school or in your social network and pissing off people who have no interest, Vent lets you vent your feelings to a sympathetic audience. They might argue or disagree with your views but they won't deny your right to tell it as you see it. Vent is easy and fun to use and is the perfect place to whinge without fear of reprisal.