Developer description

Verlocal is a social platform that promotes local activities within your communities. It allows people all over the world to share their common interests with one another on a trusted platform. Locals can market their passions, knowledge and/or skills on a secure webpage. Globe-trotters or other locals can seek out experiences that are catered to what they want to learn, see, or do. The benefit of Verlocal is that it provides a customizable page for its users to use on their platform. Users can post activities and experiences based on their own personalities. Verlocal gives individuals the freedom to create and generate their own content. To put it in simple terms, Verlocal is a place for people to host and share their interests with one another.

Verlocal - connects people to live and share unique experiences.
Verlocal - provides an easy way for people to monetize their passion and share it with people all over the globe.

“It is our mission to empower and connect people through local experiences.”
Verlocal’s values are: discover, share, and support.

Last updated 27 Oct 2014

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