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An easier way of dealing with Git GUI that will save you time and money...and your hair

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Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts your software development ... More

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Published 19 Mar 2021

I've often wondered why so many of my software developing male friends have little or no hair. I've come to the conclusion that it's caused by years of frustration when creating code. Just when you think you've got everything sorted you make one mistake and you've lost a whole day's work. What's most frustrating is that it may not be the specific thing that you're working on that causes the problem, but it may be a consequence of the action that you choose. It's a bit like that story that Stephen King wrote in his book about going back in time to kill the guy that would end up assassinating JFK. The thought pattern is that keeping Kennedy alive would have a knock-on effect and save thousands of lives by shortening the Vietnam war and creating a better world. However, the butterfly effect and the consequences of that action proved to be disastrous. If only we could see into the future...

Vershd is a web app for Windows, Mac and Linux that does let you look into the future and see the consequences of your actions to save you time and money. This easy-to-use Git GUI app helps boost your software development productivity with a unique UI/UX that prevents errors and creates clarity. Basically, Vershd is a Git client that shows you what will happen if you take a certain action and allows you to go back to the future...