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An easier way of dealing with Git GUI that will save you time and money...and your hair

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Published 19 Mar 2021

[cont'd] to find another way to solve that problem. If you're reading this review you'll probably already know just how complicated Gits are. They have over 160 different commands and literally thousands of parameters to remember.

So, how does it work? It's really rather simple. For a start there are three stages to look at. The 'branches' area gives you previews of what will happen as it merges, pushes and creates branches. If there's a problem, Vershd will find it. The 'pending' area, as its name suggests, either commits or stashes files without your having to be concerned about 'staging' to the index because the app will do all the work. The 'stashes' feature will compare those files to your working files so that none are lost. 

Then there's the unique branch comparison tool which compares and gives visual insight into commits to see the similarities between different branches. This makes it easy to see which commits have been cherry picked or merged so you can easily see which ones are missing from the other. To make your life easier, Vershd gives you completely separate views of branches and their commits as well as pending files and stashes, making viewing easier and leading to more straightforward workflows. The jewel in the crown however is the unique rewind function tool where you can simply set the way back machine and reset or revert to a previous position. This prevents you from making errors...